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Well-mannered attitude and social minded outlook :))I normally be reluctant to make a stand with an outlandish idea or draw attention with an unusual outfit or hair style. 21 yesterday,21 today,21 tomorrow :)) If I am in danger of lives' weight and self- image issues .I respond these negative urges in a completely different way crushing them:))

Thursday, February 23, 2006

El Oyması Dekoratif Mumlar:))Hand carved decorative candles:)

Melek oyma:)Angel carved:)

Melek oyma:)Angel carved:)

El oyması mumlar bayıldım:)Kurdele ve sepet temalılar favorilerim:)Melek temalılar da güzel:)Sanat eserleri olduklarını düşünüyorum asla yakmaya kıyamazdım:)Holly Hobbie mumumu bir ara yayınlayacağım:)
Hand carved candles loved them :)Ribbon and basket carved ones are my favorites ;I think they are pieces of art If ever have one of these never would have lit them:))Will publish my Holly Hobbie candle later some day:)

Yarın çağdaş paper mache örneklerine bakalım diyorum açıklamaları ile yazacağım .Kaçırmayın
2 morrow will take look at the contemporary samples of paper mache.Do not miss willl write the instructions of what I am going to publish.