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Well-mannered attitude and social minded outlook :))I normally be reluctant to make a stand with an outlandish idea or draw attention with an unusual outfit or hair style. 21 yesterday,21 today,21 tomorrow :)) If I am in danger of lives' weight and self- image issues .I respond these negative urges in a completely different way crushing them:))

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Harika bir elbise ama insanın tahta olduğuna inanası gelmiyor.Nice dress but hard to believe that it is from wood Ya buna ne dersiniz,Ayıcıkta oyma mı acaba ?What do you think about this one .Do you think the teddy is also carved?
Güllerin doğallığına bakın sanki gerçek gibi.Roses look so natural aren't they?

Şapka ve çanta inanılmaz gerçek duruyorlar.Hat and the bag loooks so real:)
Bunlarda gelin ve damat olmalı ama kendileri nerede:)These must be the groom and the bride but where are they? for Gods' Sake:)

Bu kompozisyonda harika,bayıldım.This composition is also perfect ,loved it:)
Biraz seksi ama çorap ne iş:) Kind of sexy but what is socks doing there:)

Şapka ve ayakkabı detayına bakın:)Look at the detail of the hat and shoes so delicate:)

Arkadaşlar ben bunlara bayıldım ya sizler? Loved them what do you think?