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Wednesday, February 20, 2008


1. Make a knot at one end of 22" ribbon length. At opposite end, poke out wire from one side. Loosely gather ribbon along this wire down to knot. Do not pull to hard as it could snap. Continue gathering until entire side completely is ruffled and curling naturally. Leave wire end free; do not cut off.
2. Form rose by holding knotted end in one hand and begin to spiral gathered ribbon around knot loosely with other hand. Wrap tightly at first to form a "bud", then continue wrapping lightly so that it flares out and acquires an open rose effect.
3. At end, fold raw edge down to meet gathered edge, as shown. Secure by wrapping wire length around knot tightly and catching in free end; cut wire end off. Adjust "petals" as needed to create desired effect.
4. Cut a 3" strip of #9 ribbon (1 1/2") wide. Fold each end diagonally to center. Then, fold each side towards center again forming a point. Gather bottom end and wrap with wire to secure .
Fashion an Easy Crimped Rose: At the end of step 1, lightly hand crimp all of the un-ruffled edge in tiny little pleats. Then, complete the rose following last two steps.