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Well-mannered attitude and social minded outlook :))I normally be reluctant to make a stand with an outlandish idea or draw attention with an unusual outfit or hair style. 21 yesterday,21 today,21 tomorrow :)) If I am in danger of lives' weight and self- image issues .I respond these negative urges in a completely different way crushing them:))

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Mu -Shu

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A little miracle NEHİR .....

Çokkk Çokk Sevgili Gönül Ablamın dünya tatlısı iki erkek torunundan sonra yine dünya tatlısı şirin mi şirin harika mı harika bir kız torunu oldu ;Nehir bebeğin analı babalı ve tüm ailesiyle sağlıklı mutlu şanslı bir ömürle büyümesi dileklerimle..... Kutluyorum.....


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Light-picnic recipes 2

Fresh Tomato Salsa
This garden-fresh salsa is hard to beat -- and you can make it up to three days ahead.
Apple Crunch Mix
For the taste of warm apple pie -- without all the calories -- try this yummy make-ahead snack. It stays fresh for up to a week in an airtight container.
Cucumber and apricots sandwiches
The spread for these fuss-free but elegant sandwiches is so simple to make; simply combine store-bought pesto sauce with butter and cream cheese. Peppery arugula, cucumber, and tomatoes add a refreshing spin.
Open face sandwiches
This meatless sandwich combines a refreshing mix of cucumber, basil, nectarines, and arugula. Low-fat cream cheese makes a simple spread.
Must -have Chocolate-Chip Cookies
Oats, raisins, and peanut butter add a nutrition boost to this all-American favorite.
Chili Corn Snack Mix
This guiltless, crunchy mix is a combination of hearty cereal and dried fruit -- great for an outdoor party or picnic
Ginger and Tomato salad
A tangy-sweet vinaigrette is all it takes to make this simple mix of fresh ginger and grape tomatoes a hit.