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Well-mannered attitude and social minded outlook :))I normally be reluctant to make a stand with an outlandish idea or draw attention with an unusual outfit or hair style. 21 yesterday,21 today,21 tomorrow :)) If I am in danger of lives' weight and self- image issues .I respond these negative urges in a completely different way crushing them:))

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

20 random things so whats' the whats' hear?

My friends Burcu(pastacı) and Burcu(hobi keyfi) has invited me to write the 20 randoms.I never thought this was going to be hard.Because it is kind of fun to read what the others write but when it comes to my turn and I never did think that I would really did get stuck.So without thinking I decided to write what comes in my mind probably this would be better than think forever of my 20 randoms.Besides I invite TUHFE;SENNUR;BURCU(GELİNCİK TARLASI)NAGİHAN to write their 2o randoms best of luck friends it is not that easy than you think:)))
Here are my 20 randoms;
1-Not afraid of tomorrow nor I have seen yesterday and I loving today.
2- Always pride of my ability to cheering someone up.
3- Always looking to create something.
4-If trouble troubles me I trouble trouble.
5-As the weather changes turning to a cold nugget.
6-Making a wish as I see the new moon over my shoulder; wishing for health and happiness and everything I might think of later.
7-Loving to watch the pin striped rain.
8-Seeing the diamond clip of sparkle of the stars when the sky is clear.
9-Reading nor I am not alone.
10-Not exaggerating , just remembering big.
11-Listening the sound of the waves,whisper of the trees by the wind,songs of the birds.
12-When writing being quick as a bunny but can't say something when talking.
13-Never learning to learn to someone but having to feel her /him with all my heart.
14-Knowing my friends and loved ones are happy and healthy making me happy.
15-Waking up and deciding to have a good day.
16-Dressing up and wear a big SMILE.
17-Standing up for what I believe.If I don't stand up for something I will fall for anything.
18-Not just about being a woman also about knowing a woman.
19-Reaching up for something higher.
20-Lifting up for my prayers.