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Well-mannered attitude and social minded outlook :))I normally be reluctant to make a stand with an outlandish idea or draw attention with an unusual outfit or hair style. 21 yesterday,21 today,21 tomorrow :)) If I am in danger of lives' weight and self- image issues .I respond these negative urges in a completely different way crushing them:))

Friday, December 30, 2005

2006 GELİYORRRR:))))

2006 nın tüm arkadaşlarıma sağlık,mutluluk,umut,huzurlu,neşe dolu,iyi bir yıl olması DİLEKLERİMLE;
Şimdide ingilizce as usual:)))
To those we love and see each day
and other loved ones far away
To all good friends whose friendships means so much
And those with whom use to some how out of touch.